I got:

internal void Start(CancellationToken token)
   while (!token.IsCancellationRequested)
       //do work

So i start this method in new Task and do some work in loop untill i need to cancel it with token Some times i need to force new loop iteration, without waiting this 67 seconds. I think i need something like:

public ManualResetEvent ForceLoopIteration { get; set; }

Meanwhile i cant understand how to use it with token. Maybe something like WaitHandle.WaitAny()?

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Youre on the right way, try this:

    new[] { token.WaitHandle, ForceLoopIteration },

This waits for the occurence of one of the following

  • cancelation is requested on token
  • ForceLoopIteration is set
  • timeout of 67 seconds has been elapsed

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