I am puzzled with my code:

let sum l = match l with
  | [] -> 0.0
  | h::t -> h +. (sum t);;

It should give me the sum of the numbers in the list. However when I check the code, I found the second code crashes when I use a list of length greater than or equal to 7. Here is the code:

# sum [0.;1.;2.;3.;4.;5.;]

- : float = 15.

# sum [0.;1.;2.;3.;4.;5.;6.]

- : float = 21.
# sum [0.;1.;2.;3.;4.;5.;6.;7.]

- : float = 21.

I am really confused because a modification of it, which operates on int, turned out to be normal:

let rec sumf l = match l with
  | []-> 0.0
  | h::t-> (float_of_int h) +. sumf t;;

and I do not know what is the essential difference between the two aside from I cast int into float in the second code.

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    the result of sum [0.;1.;2.;3.;4.;5.;6.;7.] is 28 on my computer. In your first code, let sum should be let rec sum and the last ;; should not be there.
    – Zoyd
    May 14, 2014 at 12:25
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    “- : float = 21.” is not a “crash”. May 14, 2014 at 15:34

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let sum l=
match l with
|h::t-> h+. (sum t);;

Since you didn't use the rec keyword here, the call to sum in the last line is a call to a sum function that you defined beforehand. Apparently that sum function was buggy.


I don't understand why your code crashes. When I try your sum function with rec keyword, I don't have any problem, otherwise you can't call recursively the sum function.

let rec sum l = 
  match l with 
   [] -> 0. 
  | h :: t -> h +. (sum t);;

You can also use the fold_left function in module List:

let sum l = List.fold_left (+.) 0. l;;

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