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Im making script to find directory paths from file to form ant mkdir elements from that.

The problem is that when I print at the end there is linebreak added inside each line:

ant_mkdir = '<mkdir dir="..' + path + '"/>'


from io import open
from string import *
def main():
    with open("file.txt", "r") as f:
        content = f.readlines()

    paths = []
    for line in content:
        if ("d:\\apps" in line):
            line = line.split("d:\\apps")
            path = line[1]
            path = path.replace("\\", "/")
            if path not in paths:

    for path in paths:
        ant_mkdir = '<mkdir dir="..' + path + '"/>'
        print ant_mkdir

if __name__ == "__main__":

print result:

<mkdir dir="../path/folder/1
<mkdir dir="../path/folder/2
<mkdir dir="../path/folder/3

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 ant_mkdir = '<mkdir dir="..' + path.rstrip() + '"/>'

to remove whitespaces and linebreaks.

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