I have some In App Products in my application to buy. Yesterday things were fine but today i have some troubles. I receive list of all my products but localizedTitle and localizedDescription are nil (while price and priceLocale are OK).
I know that something like this happened before and it was Apple's fault. nil localizedTitle in SKProduct

However today I've got message from Apple about all of my In-App Purchases: "In-App Purchases have been returned and are highlighted in the table below". All of them still have status:Waiting For Review.

And now I'm wondering if getting nil from localizedTitle is connected with some Apple's bug or maybe it's my fault and I can do something with this.


I've found solution at devforums.apple.com


Basically it appeared that each product language had status rejected (while product had status waiting for review). Adding new language to each product solves problem.

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    Or even editing the current language's description, like adding a space or so. – Skrew Jan 14 '15 at 9:11
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    This link seems to be dead. Anyone have a working one? – Tylerc230 Nov 5 '18 at 17:33

Roll back your version number in Xcode.

For example, in my situation, I had MARKETING_VERSION=1.23 in Xcode. I had submitted this on App Store Connect as version 1.23. Apple then rejected version 1.23 in review. After this rejection, SKProductsRequest continued to serve a list of SKProducts, but each product's .localizedTitle and .localizedDescription were set to nil.

In Xcode, I changed my version number (i.e. MARKETING_VERSION) back to 1.22. After this, the .localizedTitle and .localizedDescription were served correctly again.

Temporarily changing the version number is a workaround for testing and development prior to resubmitting your app for review.

This is surely a bug on Apple's side. I have submitted a bug report here, but it seems like I can't get a public link to the report.

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