Couch DB installed from source binary 1.5.1 doesn't stop from /etc/init.d/couch stop call.

The instructions to install couch db are taken from the following link


The couch db doesn't stop with the command

sudo /etc/init.d/couchdb stop

This is because of the Respawn timeout value which is 5 secs by default. The work around is to comment out the COUCHDB_RESPAWN_TIMEOUT=5 from the file


after this kill any instances of the couchdb by doing

ps -ef | grep couchdb

Then do regular start of couch db using sudo /etc/init.d/couchdb start and stop using sudo /etc/init.d/couchdb stop this time couchdb should start and stop as expected.

Make a note this is for version 1.5.1 downloaded from the couchdb official site and if the instructions in the page http://asaf.github.io/blog/2013/07/08/installing-couch-db-on-amazon-ami/ are followed for installation.

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