This issue has bothered me for ages, and now I am coding an app that I do not know how to do.

When signing in with facebook or twitter, do you use that information given to create an account in your database for them? If not, then how will you be able to verify that no one else signs in with their username and password? How do we capture their account information for when they login, logout and login again to have the same settings and configurations?

I am not asking for code, but I would like an answer in terms of theory.


For Twitter, it works like this.

  1. You log into YOUR Twitter account and create an "Application". This is basically a unique identifier for the application you're writing.
  2. You develop you application, and include the unique identifier that Twitter provides you.
  3. Twitter users who user you application grant it access to use their account. Your application never needs to know their login or password.

Twitter's authentication mechanism is based on a standard called OAuth, and it is not for the meek. I would advise you to find a pre-written Twitter library for your development platform of choice and start from there,

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