So I have a vignette, vignettes/test-vignette3.Rmd:

title: "Sample Document"
    highlight: kate
    theme: spacelab
    toc: yes
    toc: yes


When I hit the knit HTML button, I get the following:

processing file: test-vignette3.Rmd
output file: test-vignette3.knit.md

Output created: /tmp/RtmpKVpegL/preview-5ef42271c0d5.dir/test-vignette3.html

However, if I copy this file to inst/doc and hit the knit HTML button, I get:

processing file: test-vignette3.Rmd
output file: test-vignette3.knit.md

Output created: test-vignette3.html

My questions are:

  1. How do I get RStudio to save the output from knit HTML on vignettes/test-vignette3.Rmw to the vignettes directory?
  2. How do I get RStudio to not delete test-vignette3.knit.md during the knit HTML procedure? (I'd like to have the .md so people can read it on my github repo.)

I'm running RStudio version 0.98.836, rmarkdown version 0.1.98 and knitr version 1.5.


Actually you should not keep the .html output under vignettes/, because the vignette output is supposed to be generated by R CMD build. R may fail to recompile your vignettes if the HTML output files have already been there when you build the source package, which means you are likely to see old (and possibly wrong) results because the HTML file was not generated from the latest version of the .Rmd file. Therefore RStudio intentionally avoid writing the HTML files in the vignetttes directory.

If you choose to ignore the warning above, you can certainly run rmarkdown::render('your-vignette.Rmd') in the R console.

For the second question, I do not recommend you to do that, either, because Github renders the markdown to HTML differently (compared to the Pandoc conversion done through the rmarkdown package). Normally the package vignettes are shown on CRAN, see, for example, the knitr page on CRAN. However, because the rmarkdown package is not on CRAN yet, you cannot use the vignette engine knitr::rmarkdown at the moment (I guess we are not too far away from the CRAN release now). You can consider pushing the HTML files to Github pages, though.

  • This is very logical, but it is also very surprising to the user. It took me several days before I found this answer and realised why my knitr vignettes were mysteriously not appearing in 'vignettes'. It might be better to have consistent behaviour and to do something different only when building the package. – user3603486 Mar 17 '17 at 14:04
  • Unfortunately there is nothing I can do on my side. The behavior is defined by R core. If you use RStudio, RStudio will not actually generate the html file when you click the Knit button. If you other editors, we cannot help. – Yihui Xie Mar 17 '17 at 19:19
  • Well, this is an RStudio issue. I'm fine with rmarkdown::render, which does just what it says and will happily generate HTML inside vignettes. The question is whether the knit button should behave specially inside a vignette directory. My view would be, if you are building a CRAN package, your build process probably shouldn't involve manually clicking the knit button - it should involve e.g. devtools::build_vignettes. And OTOH the knit button should do what I expect. – user3603486 Mar 18 '17 at 13:28

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