I'm having trouble with policies/routes in Sails 0.9.16. Whatever I do, the /user path remains unprotected. Clearly I am doing something incorrectly.

I have the following routes:

'/': {
    view: 'home/index'

'get /login': {
view: 'login'

'post /login': {
  controller: 'UserController',
  action: 'login'

And the following policies:

module.exports.policies = {
   '*'    : false,
   user   : {
   '*': 'isAuthenticated'
   login  : {
   '*' :true 

From the routes and policies you can see that I want to have /login route unprotected, and the /user/* path protected. My isAuthenticated.js is the stock created with a new sails project.

The UserController correctly matches the password and sets req.session.authenticated = true.

I'm lost as to how to sort this out?


AFAIK, Sails' policies are being applied per controller/action, not per route. Also, check here for the proper structure. So, your config/policies.js should become something like:

module.exports.policies = {
  UserController: {
    '*': 'isAuthenticated',
    login: true
  • That's right, I was wondering this for so many hours! I think is a little misleading the fact that by default, sails comes with the "/": { view: "homepage" } default route for the / (so no policy will ever apply to /). – Diego Pamio May 17 '14 at 0:53
  • @DiegoPamio True story. On the other hand, view-based routing is supposed to handle mostly static content, like about-disclaimer-terms kind of pages, which is usually unprotected. – bredikhin May 17 '14 at 2:11
  • So is it possible to block all incoming requests (for testing purpose)? It doesn't work even if I set '*' to false. If I want to achieve this, should I wrap the homepage in a controller rather than map it to a static file in routes? – Isilmë O. Jul 3 '14 at 15:09
  • 1
    @IsilmëO. Docs are not clear enough at this point, but here it's implicitly said that view routes are not being affected by the policies. So, yes, you would have to change the default route to pass through a controller instead. – bredikhin Jul 3 '14 at 17:18
  • @bredikhin Seems I've got to work this way. Just a little confused why they put '*': true in the default policy document even though it doesn't work actually. Thanks :) – Isilmë O. Jul 4 '14 at 1:59

As of Sails 0.11 policies can be applied to custom routes:

'/foo': {policy: 'myPolicy'}

Blueprint route with policy:

'/foo': [{policy: 'myPolicy'}, {blueprint: 'find', model: 'user'}]

View route with policy:

'/foo': [{policy: 'myPolicy'}, {view: 'foobar'}]

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