I have an object that maps IDs to their objects. I would like to display the list of these object and use a filter, but I cannot get it to work. Specifically, I'm trying to prevent object with ID 2 from appearing in the options Here's what I've got: http://jsfiddle.net/9d2Za/

<div ng-app ng-controller="ctrl">
    <select ng-model="selectedBidType"
        ng-options="bidType.id as bidType.label for (bidTypeID, bidType) in bidTypes">

    <select ng-model="selectedBidType"
        ng-options="bidType.id as bidType.label for (bidTypeID, bidType) in bidTypes | filter:{id: '!2'}">


Please note: I cannot change the structure of the bidTypes object in whatever fix we come up with. Here's my AngularJS:

function ctrl($scope)
    $scope.selectedBidType = 1;
    // Bid type objects are indexed by ID for fast lookup (this cannot be changed in solution)
    $scope.bidTypes = {
        1: {id: 1, label: "Buy"},
        2: {id: 2, label: "Sell"},
        3: {id: 3, label: "Missing"}

As described by the documentation, the filter filter only accepts an array as first parameter, not an object. In such cases, I personally use a custom filter to make the transformation:

            function ()
                return function (object)
                    var array = [];
                    angular.forEach(object, function (element)

                    return array;

And then, in the template:

 <select ng-options="… in bidTypes | objectToArray | filter:{id:'!2'}">
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