My question is very simple. i use blade in laravel to show the images like

<img src="{{asset('assets/images/image.jpg')}}">

but what if my image is dynamic like:

<img src="{{asset('assets/images/$imgsrc')}}">

i cant use

 <img src="{{asset('assets/images/{{ $imgsrc')}}">

because then i will end with:

 <img src="http://localhost/assets/images/{{ $imgsrc">

How can i call to a $variable in a blade {{}} call?

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How about

<img src="{{asset('assets/images/').'/'.$imgsrc}}">


when you need printing more than one strings where there may be variables,functions... you need to concatenate them

Also asset('assets/images/') is equivalent to asset('assets/images') so you need to add / before printing your variable $imgsrc

Finally, in Blade {{"foo"}} is equivalent to <?php echo "foo" ?>

  • it removes the last slash assets/images/ becomes assets/imagestherighsrc.jpg (notice assets/images(/) is missing May 17, 2014 at 15:28

How can i call to a $variable in a blade {{}} call?

The normal PHP way. A blade {{}} is just the equilivant of <?php echo() ?>

So the answer to your question is:

<img src="{{ asset('assets/images/' . $imgsrc) }}">
  • Your Answer is correct but {{}} is not equivalent of <?php ?> Jan 12, 2017 at 11:34

Mine had multiple dynamic parts in the src and this is how I did it after getting in the right direction, thanks to @Laurence's answer.

<img src="{{asset('storage/'.$parentFolderName.'/'. $clientNameFolder .'/logo/').'/'.$event[0]->event_logo}}" class="event-page-country-logo">

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