Googling didn't help me out so I came here. What is the use of int hash32() method in String? As the name suggest it looks like for some hashing but how and where exactly it is used?


The answer is right here. Here are some choice snippets:

Java SE 7u6 introduces an improved, alternative hash function...

The alternative hash function improves the performance of these map implementations when a large number of key hash collisions are encountered.

The alternative hash function is only applied to keys of type String.

As stated by @Slanec, Java 8 made some changes to HashMap that reduced the performance drop for heavy collisions to O(lg n) instead of O(n) for Comparable keys, so there was no longer a need for alternative String hashing.

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    Not strange. They removed it after they made HashMap more clever. Now it is able to chain entries with duplicate hashes into a red-black tree instead of a simple linked list. This solves the performance problem and therefore there's no need for hash32() anymore. – Petr Janeček May 17 '14 at 22:57
  • @Slanec Oh, that's interesting. I was aware that Java 8's HashMaps used trees where possible when there were a lot of collisions, but I was not aware that this was the reason alternative hashing was removed. Learn something new every day... – awksp May 17 '14 at 22:59

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