I am trying to use subplots similar to what is being shown here:


axarr = plt.subplots(len(column_list), sharex=True)
subp_num = 0
for j in column_list:
     subp_num = subp_num + 1

then I get this error:

AttributeError: 'Figure' object has no attribute 'plot'

Any hint on what am I doing wrong? Thanks

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You have one obvious problem: all of the examples in the link you provide look like

f, axarr = plt.subplots(...)

where the f is the Figure you are subsequently treating as if it had a plot attribute. If you are working with an arbitrary number of subplots, you could do:

axarr = plt.subplots(...)
f, axarr = axarr[0], axarr[1:]

Also, you are using a while loop with an incrementing index, which is clumsy and prone to error; just use a for loop:

for j, ax in zip(column_list, axarr):
    ax.plot(df.values[2:, j])

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