I've been asked to develop a .NET web application with the following requirements and features:

  • Moderate software license expenses
  • .NET Web Application
  • Document storage (with change history, although a complete CMS is not needed)
  • Complex data model
    • Extensible and groupable object attributes
    • Private/public field visibility
    • Non-trivial relationships between database tables
  • Custom alert configuration (screen and e-mail notifications) about approaching due dates, missing documentation, etc.
  • Resource access control & user management (roles and groups)
  • High user volume (several thousands of users)
  • Many complex and dynamic forms
  • Search engine
  • Statistical reporting
  • Bulk data & metadata upload and download
  • Simple data migration
  • REST API for external integration
  • Multilanguage
  • Full-featured mobile version (for tablets and smartphones)
  • Corporate look and feel

These are the options I have considered:

  1. SharePoint Foundation 2013 + Custom Web Parts + Custom DB + Document Libraries
  2. Sense/Net + Custom Web Parts + Custom DB + Document Libraries
  3. Custom ASP.NET Web Application

What approach would you recommend? Also, can you please make a recommendation on the following points?

  • Server characteristics and topology
  • Application architecture
  • Scalability
  • Search capabilities
  • Reporting tools
  • Persistence framework
  • Document storage (MS Office)
  • Mobility

First of all, I work for Sense/Net, which I want to put out there to be fair.

However, even if I wouldn't be, I'd still recommend looking at our solution based on the criteria you outlined. What you are planning to build seems to be really custom stuff and from experience, I can say that projects like this never changing. Going for an open-source application would definately be my choice, in order to make sure I don't hit a wall later down the line.

Sense/Net is practically capable of delivering everything you need out of the box, but of course, customization will be needed.

From a licensing perspective, you would also be better off probably, since we only lincense the CPU cores, not the thousands of users benefitting from the system.

Writing a custom application from scratch with these requierements would make no sense in my opinion as the costs would be well over the one of a readymade solution (whichever you choose).

The things need to be clarified are the reporting tools you will need and whether you need a native application for mobile devices (or would something working in their browsers would be sufficient).

I can see that this answer is well overdue, but if the topic is still of interest and you havent done so yet, drop us an e-mail through our website and we can help you out in finding the perfect solution!

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