I'd like to be able to print some debug information from sql script / function. Of course, I can do this by


But I also need to print a whole table's data. This doesn't work:


Is it possible and how?

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The most straightforward way would be to iterate over the rows in a for loop and use RAISE NOTICE containing each column you're interested in interpolated in it.

i.e. something like:

    FOR items IN SELECT * FROM table1 LOOP
        RAISE NOTICE 'col1: %s, col2: %s', quote_ident(items.col1), quote_ident(items.col2);

where items is declared as RECORD.

  • loop variable of loop over rows must be a record or row variable or list of scalar variables – アレックス May 19 '14 at 6:40
  • Yes, I mentioned that items should be declared as RECORD above. – khampson May 23 '14 at 0:01

RAISE NOTICE will print table data without alignment, so it will be hard to read. More flexible way is to use refcursor:

  _temp_cur1 refcursor = 'unique_name_of_temp_cursor_1';

  OPEN _temp_cur1 FOR
  FROM table1;

Then run function in transaction:

SELECT my_func();
FETCH ALL FROM "unique_name_of_temp_cursor_1";    --here is double-quotes ""!
ROLLBACK;     --do not save any changes to DB during tests (or use COMMIT;)

Such refcursor will be available for reading during the same transaction. If you do not wrap your test with BEGIN and ROLLBACK (or COMMIT), PostgreSQL will not be able to find this one.

Since postgres 9.3 you can use to_json() to convert record into text suitable for notice,

RAISE NOTICE '%' to_json(record1);

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