I am unable to connect to the Search Server OLE DB provider.

Search Server itself is up and running and making indexes happily. Search Server 2010 on Win 2012, x64 system

I am fighting this error: "The 'Search.CollatorDSO' provider is not registered on the local machine. "

Below is a picture showing:

a) The error I get in a simple sql query tool (from codeplex)

b) A powershell query to list available ole db providers.... indicating that the provider for search server is not present on the system.

fwiw, I believe the SQL Query tool may be 32 bit. System is x64.

Picture showing the setup

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Figured it out. Downloading and installing Windows Search Server 2010 installs a ton of server pieces, but does not install the OLE DB driver.

The way to get the ole db driver is to enable this on Server 2012 "Windows Search Service" (believe it is on by default on Win7 and 8)

enter image description here

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