From the Rails console:

> content = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit <span class='class'>amet</span>."
> helper.highlight(content, "dolor")

=> "Lorem ipsum <strong class=\"highlight\">dolor</strong> sit <span class=\"class\">amet</span>."


> content = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit <span id='id'>amet</span>."
> helper.highlight(content, "dolor")

=> "Lorem ipsum <strong class=\"highlight\">dolor</strong> sit <span>amet</span>."

As a matter of fact:

> content = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit <a href='' class='class' id='id' style='color: #ffffff;' target='_blank' name='name' title='title'>amet</a>."
> helper.highlight(content, "dolor")

=> "Lorem ipsum <strong class=\"highlight\">dolor</strong> sit <a href=\"\" class=\"class\" name=\"name\" title=\"title\">amet</a>."

So the highlight helper seems to selectively wipe some HTML-attributes in its process, but not all. Not that I care so much for target or style, but losing ids is rather unfortunate.

Are there options I can pass into highlight to prevent this from happening?

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You need to pass sanitize: false as an option:

2.0.0-p247 :001 > content = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit <span id='id'>amet</span>."
 => "Lorem ipsum dolor sit <span id='id'>amet</span>."
2.0.0-p247 :002 > helper.highlight(content, 'dolor', sanitize: false)
 => "Lorem ipsum <mark>dolor</mark> sit <span id='id'>amet</span>."

The sanitize helper is documented here and most of the text helpers will sanitize the content by default.

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