I want to convert a PIL image to a numpy array. Numpy's asarray function simply puts the image in a 0-dimensional array.

(Pdb) p img
<PIL.Image._ImageCrop image mode=RGB size=1024x0 at 0x106953560>
(Pdb) img.getdata()
<ImagingCore object at 0x104c97b10>
(Pdb) np.asarray(img.getdata())
array([], dtype=float64)
(Pdb) np.asarray(img)
array(<PIL.Image._ImageCrop image mode=RGB size=1024x0 at 0x106953560>, dtype=object)
(Pdb) np.asarray(img).shape
(Pdb) np.asarray(img, np.uint8)
*** SystemError: error return without exception set

The solutions on a similar SO question didn't work.

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Your img has size 1024x0:

PIL.Image._ImageCrop image mode=RGB size=1024x0 at 0x106953560

That is an image with 0 height. Therefore, the resultant NumPy array is empty. To fix, crop the image so that it has a positive width and height.

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