I wondered if there were any tree libraries available for (n)curses.

I'm trying to write a component that shows a tree of folders & was curious if there was a prebuilt curses component that could do this.

I've checked 'core' curses as well as libraries like CDK - and I can't seem to find anything.

If none exists, I'm not averse to building my own - but I can't seem to locate any decent tutorials on doing this, so any help in this regard would also be much appreciated.

Thanks, Ace

Depends on what programming language you're using/willing to use. I recently submitted a tree widget for Urwid, which is a curses widget library for Python: http://bitbucket.org/robla/urwid-treetools/src/

UPDATE 2015-09-06 - My patch was accepted a long time ago as part of Urwid, which now supports a tree widget in its core. The link in my original 2010 answer still links to my old code, but is obsolete.

"I'm trying to write a component that shows a tree of folders"

CDK has the CDKFSELECT widget.

It displays a list of directories and files, that might work for you, or the source code of CDKFSELECT might be leveraged for your own custom written solution.

CDKFSELECT *fSelect = 0;

Height of zero means to extent of xterm
Width of zero means to extent of xterm
int HEIGHT = 0;
int WIDTH = 0;

char *title = new char[strlen("Pick a file to open") + 1];
strcpy(title, "Pick a file to open");

char *prompt = new char[strlen("==> ") + 1];
strcpy(prompt, "==> ");

char *directoryAttribute = new char[strlen("</B>") + 1]; /* bold */
strcpy(directoryAttribute, "</B>");

char *fileAttribute = new char[strlen("</N>") + 1]; /* normal */
strcpy(fileAttribute, "</N>");

char *linkAttribute = new char[strlen("</D>") + 1]; /* dim */
strcpy(linkAttribute, "</D>");

char *sockAttribute = new char[strlen("</D>") + 1]; /* dim */
strcpy(sockAttribute, "</D>");

boolean displayBox = TRUE;
boolean displayShadow = FALSE;

fSelect = newCDKFselect(pCdkScreen,
          title, prompt,
          A_NORMAL, '_', A_REVERSE,
          directoryAttribute, fileAttribute, linkAttribute, sockAttribute,
          displayBox, displayShadow);

char *filename = activateCDKFselect(fSelect, 0);
2014-06-13, using DDD, filename being correctly populated
by CDK

/* do other stuff... */

 free the memory of any dynamically created objects
 that were created with new or malloc, or such

delete [] title;
delete [] prompt;
delete [] directoryAttribute;
delete [] fileAttribute;
delete [] linkAttribute;
delete [] sockAttribute;

Look at the Midnight commander source code (http://www.midnight-commander.org/) It has a tree store widget.

The dialog program (which has a documented library interface) has a "tree" widget. The program works with (n)curses, and unlike CDK, is suitable for use with UTF-8.

dialog - tree view

It also has a file(/directory) selection widget.

dialog - file-selection

There's also wcd (though like mc, reusability of the library is uncertain). However, it is a good example of what OP probably wants:

screenshot converted from wcd page

Regarding urwid, that's debatable. Under the hood you may not actually have curses. For what it's worth, a screenshot of the treeview script:

urwid treeview

and on my Debian/testing system, the script doesn't use ncurses. It's hardcoded (i.e., using raw_display).

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