Is there any java api to limit the number of scanned records after using start and stop rows? Is pagefilter an option?

Did you try to use the setMaxResultSize() ?

PageFilter may not give the expected results, the doc says:

this filter cannot guarantee that the number of results returned to a client are <= page size. This is because the filter is applied separately on different region servers. It does however optimize the scan of individual HRegions by making sure that the page size is never exceeded locally.

  • getMaxResultSize() is not working. – dhruven1600 May 10 '17 at 0:22 might be able to help you. setCaching() is used to define how many results HBase should return in one RPC call.

use scan.setLimit(int) method

Set the limit of rows for this scan. We will terminate the scan if the number of returned rows reaches this value. This condition will be tested at last, after all other conditions such as stopRow, filter, etc.

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