I have 3 files in the sass/ directory , they are

  1. style.scss
  2. _responsive.scss & _defaults.scss

And I also have a vendor/ directory (outside the sass\) which contains the latest version of inuit.css from https://github.com/csswizardry/inuit.css.

When I am trying to compile the style.scss file in CodeKit I am getting the following error.

Syntax error: Invalid CSS after "...uote: \201C ": expected "}", was "!global;" on line 8 of /Users//Desktop/test/scss/../vendors/base/_quotes.scss from line 162 of /Users//Desktop/test/scss/../vendors/_inuit.scss from line 14 of /Users//Desktop/test/scss/style.scss Use --trace for backtrace.

  • This question does not include the necessary detail inside the question itself, and uses a pasteboard instead. Accordingly I am voting as off topic for reasons of not being self-contained. – halfer Dec 30 '15 at 14:36

Sounds like the compiler code kit uses doesn't support Sass 3.3 which introduced the !global flag. I would try using the Sass gem in the mean time.

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