If I have something like

char name[10];

and I want to put the string s into name, where s = "joe"

how would I do that?

Also, can I make a function that takes strings as inputs, but treats those as char arrays?

strcpy (&name, s.c_str());

std::string has a c_str member that converts it to const char*. To copy from one char array to another use strcpy.


strcpy() will generally get the job done. strncpy() is better, if available.

  • One caveat on strncpy(): it won't null-terminate if the source string is longer than the length argument. – Fred Larson Mar 3 '10 at 23:17

If you have a C++ string, you can call its c_str() method to get a char *, suitable for using with strcpy(), defined in <cstring>.

std::memcpy(name, str.c_str(), str.size() + 1);

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