I'm new to cross-platform development, and am deploying a project to both Windows and Mac using C++ Builder XE6 with Firemonkey (FMX).

I have a large number of files in a large number of folders that should be deployed with the project. Looking at the Embarcadero page on the Deployment Manager here

and using the Manager a bit, it seems I have to add files individually (or, at the best, in a given folder) at a time. This is really inconvenient, as I have large numbers of folders within several folders to be deployed. It would be much easier to simply select a folder with a recursive include.

Is there a simpler way to setup files for deployment with C++ Builder XE6?


how about just copy all your required files to output folder?

create following folder structure: YouApp.app\Contents\MacOS\ and copy there compiled application together with all dependable system files (like libcgunwind.1.0.dylib) and all your files

that is what "deployment" process doing

  • Hi Zam, for Mac deployment the program seems to delete any files in the target folder upon each deployment, which means this doesn't work as a one-step strategy. Is there a way to stop the deployment program from clearing the target folder? May 28 '15 at 0:25

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