I want my report to show images in rows depending on values of some other fields. E.g. like that:

column_1 | column_2
  xyz    | <xyz.jpg>
  abc    | <abc.jpg>

column_1 holds text, column_2 displays image from a file text + ".jpg". I do this by setting Image Expression to: $F{COLUMN_1}+ ".jpg".

The problem is that it sometimes may (and in my case: will) happen that there won't exist an image file with the appropriate name. This generates "Error filling print... Byte data not found at : [some_image_path]".

Is there a way to handle such errors, say, by displaying some default image, when the specified file isn't there?


It turns out it is possible to decide what happens with the image on error using 'onErrorType'. Here is an example:

<image scaleImage="RealHeight" hAlign="Center" vAlign="Middle" onErrorType="Blank">

This sets image to blank when no image file is found, instead of finishing with error.


view Designer-> Properties-> Parameters->click left->add-> Subreport parameter name image Value expresion Select whit double click IMAGEN(parameter)


Tosz's solution works indeed, but is not very flexible : you only get a blank frame, or a default icon instead of the image.

To specify a custom behavior you can use the following expression :

$P{REPORT_FILE_RESOLVER}.resolveFile( $F{COLUMN_1}+ ".jpg" )

It returns null when the file is not found. For example, you can use it as image expression and specify a default image with a simple check :

$P{REPORT_FILE_RESOLVER}.resolveFile( $F{COLUMN_1}+ ".jpg" ) != null ? $F{COLUMN_1}+ ".jpg" : "default.jpg"

Find the image data in the XML code probably it looks like this

     <reportElement x="0" y="0" width="164" height="126"/>
     <imageExpression class="java.lang.String">

change coffee.jpg to its full path like this


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