Is there a way to detect in a certain job by example running on the master) to check if the slaves needed for the next buildsteps are online?

I would want the master job to fail and don't start any next build if not all needed slave nodes are online.

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Here's a Groovy script that could do it. It needs to be in a "System Groovy Script" build step. The last line determines the script's return status, and a non-zero status will cause the script to return failure, which will fail the job.

import hudson.model.*
def requiredNodes = ['one','two','three'];
def status = 0;
for (node in requiredNodes) {
  println "Searching for $node";
  slave = Hudson.instance.slaves.find({it.name == node});
  if (slave != null) {
    computer = slave.getComputer();
    if (computer.isOffline()) {
      println "Error! $node is offline.";
      status = 1;
    else {
      println "OK: $node is online";
  else {
    println "Slave $node not found!";
    status = 1;

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