I installed Jenkins on a windows virtual server and want to run it as window service.

Since the port 8080 is being used by other service, I changed the http port to 8081 in jenkins.xml file. However, I am not able to launch localhost:8081/jenkins at all. I need detail instruction/steps to configure port 8081 or something to run Jenkins.

  • I follow the answer to change port to 8090 but Jenkins still runs at 8080 port. Anybody knows why? (note: I even clear Windows virtualstore files of my current account) – Scott Chu May 8 '17 at 3:19

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  1. Go to the directory where you installed the Jenkins (In default, it is under Program Files/Jenkins)
  2. Open the Jenkins.xml
  3. Search --httpPort=8080 and replace the 8080 with the new port number that you wish
  • I placed it to 8090 but it didt work, still open jenkins with 8080 port, Should I restart the server aswell? – Ahmad Arslan Jul 9 '18 at 6:04
  • Its worked for me after restart – Bhaskara Arani Oct 7 '18 at 19:04
  • The running instance of Jenkins does not see the changes done in this file. They are only applied at startup time. – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Jun 14 at 10:11

Start Jenkins from cmd line with this command :

java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort=8081

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    That's not a windows service – Liam Dec 13 '17 at 11:48

Restart Jenkins service

Just restart the Jenkins service after you changed the port in jenkins.xml.

  1. Press Win + R
  2. Type "services.msc"
  3. Right click on the "Jenkins" line > Restart

    Restart Jenkins

  4. Type http://localhost:8081/ in your browser to test the change.


On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS you can change the Port like that:

  1. Change port number in the config file /etc/default/jenkins to 8081 (or the port you like) HTTP_PORT=8081
  2. Restart Jenkins: service jenkins restart
  • Also needed to change the port in Dashboard: Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Jenkins URL to 8081 – T.Todua Apr 13 at 13:21

If you are running on Redhat, do following

  1. Stop Jenkins
    $sudo service jenkins stop
  2. change port number in /etc/sysconfig/jenkins like i did for port 8081

  3. start Jenkins again
    $sudo service jenkins start

make sure your FW has correct burn rules.


Check in Jenkins.xml and update like below

<arguments>-Xrs -Xmx256m -Dhudson.lifecycle=hudson.lifecycle.WindowsServiceLifecycle -jar "%BASE%\jenkins.war" --httpPort=8090</arguments>

In linux,

sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/jenkins

set following configuration with any available port


Use Default Port

If the default port 8080 has been bind with other process, Then kill that process.

DOS> netstat -a -o -n

Find the process id (PID) XXXX of the process which occupied 8080.

DOS> taskkill /F /PID XXXX

Now, start Jenkins (on default port)

DOS> Java -jar jenkins.war

Use Custom Port

DOS> Java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort=8008
  • There are multiple ways to run Jenkins when the default port "8080" is already bind with other process. Option-1: Kill the process which occupies 8080 Example: C:\Users\maris>netstat -a -n -o | find "8080" TCP LISTENING 2900 TCP [::]:8080 [::]:0 LISTENING 2900 C:\Users\maris>taskkill /PID 2900 /F SUCCESS: The process with PID 2900 has been terminated. C:\Users\maris> – maris Mar 27 '18 at 17:25

On Windows (with Windows Service).

Edit the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\jenkins.xml with 8083 if you want 8083 port.

<arguments>-Xrs -Xmx256m -Dhudson.lifecycle=hudson.lifecycle.WindowsServiceLifecycle -jar "%BASE%\jenkins.war" --httpPort=8083</arguments>

For jenkins in a docker container you can use port publish option in docker run command to map jenkins port in container to different outside port.

e.g. map docker container internal jenkins GUI port 8080 to port 9090 external

docker run -it -d --name jenkins42 --restart always \
   -p <ip>:9090:8080 <image>

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