I am working on small scale CMS for a project with tables like so:

- pages
    - id
- translations
    - page_id
- menus
    - id
- menu_page
    - menu_id
    - page_id

In the Menu model I have this relationship:

function pages(){
    return $this->hasMany('Page');

Is it possible to create a relation directly between Menu and Translations that translates to something like this SQL query:

select translations.* 
from translations
inner join menu_page on menu_page.page_id = translations.page_id
where menu_page.menu_id = ?;



You can't do it with builtin methods, hasManyThrough won't work with many-to-many relation menus-pages.

However you can try a workaround like this:

public function getTranslationsAttribute()
    if ( ! array_key_exists('translations', $this->relations)) $this->loadTranslations();

    return $this->getRelation('translations');

protected function loadTranslations()
    $translations = Translation::join('menu_page', 'translations.page_id', '=', 'menu_page.page_id')
        ->where('menu_page.menu_id', $this->getKey())

    $hasMany = new Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\HasMany(Translation::query(), $this, 'menu_id', 'id');

    $hasMany->matchMany(array($this), $translations, 'translations');

    return $this;

Now you can do this:

$menu = Menu::find($id);
$menu->translations; // Eloquent Collection of Translation models

So basically just like you would use any relation. The only trouble is that you can't eager load it.

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