I'm trying to insert a formula in a macro vba and write the output in a cell but i get a run-time error.. I'm not a vba developer so i can't understand what is wrong. I write only some simple macros.. This is what i wrote so far:

Sub count()

  Range("E6").Formula = "=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(MATCH(A2:A96;A2:A96;0);MATCH(A2:A96;A2:A96;0))>0;1))"

End Sub

I expect that in the E6 cell will get the output, using only the formula i get 51, but when i run the macro i get the error.. Any help? Thanks

EDIT: Using InputBox

 Dim myRange As Range

    Set myRange = Application.InputBox(Prompt:= _
        "Select a Range", _
        Title:="InputBox Method", Type:=8)

    Range("E6").Formula = "=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(MATCH(A2:A96,A2:A96,0),MATCH(A2:A96,A2:A96,0))>0,1))"
  • replace ; semicolon with , comma. Even if your default sep is ;, in VBA it's ,. – L42 May 22 '14 at 8:51

You should us US style separators:

  Range("E6").Formula = "=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(MATCH(A2:A96,A2:A96,0),MATCH(A2:A96,A2:A96,0))>0,1))"

As commented, this should work:

Range("E6").Formula = _
  • Well both answers, yours and @Roby answer goes well. Both works thank you. Is it possible make the range as variable by a dialog with edittext? i mean range: A2:A96 of the two match. – End.Game May 22 '14 at 8:59
  • Well, he also change ; to , in his answer so it will work of course. Even normal formula can be entered as array formula. Try using his answer but use the ;? Btw, Yes. Try Application.InputBox – L42 May 22 '14 at 9:03
  • Can you see my edit? i tried insert the InputBox for my range.. but i think than i have to insert the value in my Formula instead A2:A96,A2:A96 right? – End.Game May 22 '14 at 9:11

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