I want to display the value of variable named "id" in my code. The code is -

index.html(line 5)-

 <div class="marginTable" data-pubid="<%=id%>" data-count="5">

But whenever i am executing it, it is throwing error An error occurred at line: 5 in the jsp file: /index.html id cannot be resolved to a variable. How to get out of this?

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To display the server side variables in jsp , you can use implicit object out.

some thing like this,

<div class="marginTable"  data-count="5">

But using scriptlets is considered as the bad practice . so you may use EL for more info see this How to avoid Java code in JSP files? as,


I think this what you are looking for.....


 <a href="page2.jsp?id=5">Go</a>


    <% String id = request.getParameter("id"); %>
    <div class="marginTable" data-pubid="<%=id%>" data-count="5"></div>

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