I am using a regular Firemonkey HD application and decided to use only the style that comes with MetropolisUI (just the style, it is not Metropolis app/form since I need it to be cross platform)

The problem is that TEdit is set to a fixed size, that is for me too big.

I have played to change the style by StyleBook, was not successful. I am newbie with styles and firemonkey.

Have tested other option incluing Chris Holliston using the interposer class.

However I need to reduce the height at design time, since I have many fields and the positioning is critical

Please, I would like to know the steps to change that (I was using the editstyle on TEdit.LookupStyle from MetropoliUIBlue)


As a last resource I have decided to open the MetropolisUI.Style on notepad and take a look on what is inside.

I have found that "editstyle" that is the default for TEdit has the following structure:

object TLayout
    StyleName = 'editstyle'
    Height = 50.000000000000000000
    Width = 50.000000000000000000
    FixedHeight = 32

As we can see there is this FixedHeight.

I could not find that on the Style Editor.

Removing that tag FixedHeight, saving and load the style back again to StyleBook enabled me to change the height freely.

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