When I try to edit or step into my VBA code for debugging purpose I get "Project is Unviewable". I have created .dotm file at location (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP).


When launched automatically at startup the VBA project in .DOTM files are not viewable. I couldn't find this clearly documented by Microsoft but I tested/replicated it across multiple OS and versions of Office to conclude it was "by design"

There is some ways around it:

Option #1

Copy template OUT of Start Up Folder, right click file and select "Open" You can debug it.

Option #2

Ensure you have write permission to file in startup folder. Even if you are Admin, if UAC is ON you won't have access - grant your user "full control" or "write access to file" to DOTM file in startup folder.

Close all instances of Word, right click .DOTM file and Open, you can now debug it.

However you can't save changes - to save changes you must grant permissions for the user to write to the STARTUP folder.


this is not a bug. This is a feature of Microsoft Templates when you open a template it never opens original file rather opens a copy of the template. to modify or debug a template right click on template itself and say open or open word and use Open file dialog to modify the code of the template.

  • Apologies for reviving an old thread, but is there any way to view the VBA project from a document based on the add-in, without having to open the add-in itself? I have a .dot template that I have made a Global add-in by storing it in the Startup folder. This template has a DocumentOnClose handler that I need to debug. Modifying the template and closing Word doesn't fire this event (at least not for me) so I need to debug the code in the document, not the template. Thoughts anyone?? I can almost get it to work if the template is open in Word at the same time, but this is very tedious... – Kenny83 Aug 9 '17 at 13:33
  • One trick i can suggest. you can open a new document and insert new module then add one procedure and create a document object now that object you need to set to open your addin file so pass the path of the file and hit F8 key to start debugging you will be able to see the code of the adding written in automatically. – Rashid Khan Apr 26 at 14:20

Open the .dotm from .../STARTUP location and do modifications and saves there.


Open your DOTM file and on Developer Tab (you will need to enable Dev Tab first 1) and choose Document Template and uncheck items that are currently loaded in under Global templates and add-ins.


To expand on https://stackoverflow.com/a/39171282/5025060, in my case (Windows 7 Pro, MS Word 2007), left-clicking on a .dot file from Windows File Explorer (Win+E) causes MS Word to create a new document (namedDocument5in my case). The macros from the .dot file I opened are active inDocument5, but when I attempt to edit these macros (MS Word Developer tab, Macros button, Edit button) this message pops up:

Project is unviewable

However, if I right-click on the .dot file from Windows File Explorer, select Open With, and choose Microsoft Office Word from File Explorer's menu, MS Word opens the file for editing rather than creating a new Document (the name in Word's Title Bar is that of the .dot file I opened). From this instance of Word I can view and edit the macros contained in the .dot file.


Go to Review > share workbook > Editing > disable the checkbox


For editing VBA you have to go to Review/Share workbook. Need to disable checkbox.

Good luck =)

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