I have designed one page in php and added option to pay with creditcard and its working fine in iphone,but not showing creditcard option in android webview

I have added SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole and LANDINGPAGE=Billing

so how to fix that?

some where i have read like : "In order for SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole to work, you must have 'PayPal Account Optional' set to 'On' with the 'Website Preferences' section of your PayPal account. Profile > My selling tools (or: My selling preferences) > Website Preferences > Update > PayPal Account Optional: On." but am using sandbox so how to set that?


Go to Developer.PayPal.com > log in > Applications > Sandbox Accounts > Enter Sandbox Site > log into your sandbox account. Then follow the steps you provided to turn on account optional on.

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