I have a new MVC4 project installed via the MVC Starer package in nuget. I have configured Authentication via the ORMLite auth provider, with MSSQL as the backing store.

To ensure that the MVC4 project is properly integrated with SS I have followed this guide. I'm using the method described there to resolve the AuthenticateService and post the credentials the user has provided in the UI. Upon successful auth I also set a FormsAuthentication cookie to let MVC know that the user has indeed logged in. Browsing the site and fetching stuff from the api via MVC controllers work perfectly fine, however, I would like to leverage the API directly to avoid MVC contoller overhead.

Here comes the funky part though: If I try to access the API methods via the browser (or via jQuery) i'm simply receiving HTTP 302 sending me to /login, which ends in a 404 because I have no such page.

If I inspect the cookies sent via Chrome Dev-tools it looks like this (+ some others that have been omitted for brevity):

ss-id Ve5wdbKiR5VVlu5uQPjF
ss-opt perm
ss-pid zyvcwXomzufMMfkoEN64

So it would seem that auth-details are sent to SS. Then, if I fire up Postman and perform authentication directly against the API (via POST /api/auth) Google Chrome and jQuery are able to fetch information directly from the /api routes

What am I missing here?


I figured it out. Turns out that a function I had created to save some extra data to the session after successful login corrupted the session data leaving me unable to communicate properly with the API via http requests.

  • was just banging my head on the table for you :) glad you figured it out – user156888 May 23 '14 at 13:33

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