I used to be able to change the fonts and colors of Visual Studio 2013 by going to Tools > Options, then Environment > Fonts and Colors, and finally showing the settings for the Text Editor. However, now I cannot show the settings for the Text Editor. The first setting in the list is now the fonts and colors for the Printer.

Edit: Here is a photo of where the setting is missing. enter image description here

  • That is strange. I just confirmed that the first option on my environment is Text Editor and the second is Printer. Can you use the reset settings switch and see if that helps? – Lukkha Coder May 23 '14 at 15:00
  • That doesn't seem to fix it either. I remember the Text Editor setting being there before but it seems to have just disappeared. – Adrian Collado May 23 '14 at 15:08
  • Can I see a screen shot? – Lukkha Coder May 23 '14 at 15:09
  • Uploaded a screen shot for you. – Adrian Collado May 23 '14 at 15:14
  • Please refer to this answer, which can propably solve your problem. :-) – CaiHaozhong Dec 18 '16 at 13:03

First try to remove HCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\FontAndColors\Cache

If that will not help try to remove both HCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\FontAndColors and HCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0_Config\FontAndColors and then run Rapair on your VS 2013 installation.

It should help.

credits goes to @leppie

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  • I ended up reinstalling the whole operating system a while after the issue came up (along with some other problems), but if it happens again I'll be sure to try it! – Adrian Collado Jan 19 '15 at 3:15
  • Did not work for me. I have 4 items in the "Show settings for" list and none of them are the text editor. – John81 Nov 13 '15 at 16:36

I found working solution!

I used regedit and and path HCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\FontAndColors from answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/26925783/1035334.

I have changed fields FontName & FontPointSize in each subdirectory of FontAndColors and restarted Visual Studio.

How did I find this?

I noticed when I save changes in VS, VS deleting all subdirecories of FontAndColors and then create its again with default values.

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