I have an array of strings that I want to use for button titles on a UIActionSheet. Unfortunately, the otherButtonTitles: argument in the method invocation takes a variable length list of strings, not an array.

So how I can I pass these titles into the UIActionSheet? The workaround I've seen suggested is to pass nil into otherButtonTitles:, then specify the button titles individually by using addButtonWithTitle:. But this has the problem of moving the "Cancel" button to the first position on the UIActionSheet rather than the last; I want it to be the last one.

Is there a way to 1) pass an array in lieu of a variable list of strings, or alternatively 2) move the cancel button to the bottom of the UIActionSheet?


  • not sure if this will work but the cancelButtonIndex property of UIActionSheet is not read-only. Try setting it and see if that changes the order of the buttons? – lostInTransit Mar 5 '10 at 3:51

I got this to work (you just need to, be ok with a regular button, and just add it after :

NSArray *array = @[@"1st Button",@"2nd Button",@"3rd Button",@"4th Button"];

    UIActionSheet *actionSheet = [[UIActionSheet alloc] initWithTitle:@"Title Here"

    // ObjC Fast Enumeration
    for (NSString *title in array) {
        [actionSheet addButtonWithTitle:title];

    actionSheet.cancelButtonIndex = [actionSheet addButtonWithTitle:@"Cancel"];

    [actionSheet showInView:self.view];
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    This works; thanks. Didn't realize that the cancelButtonIndex property could be set. One thing I think we can all agree on: Apple's API for this sucks. – Greg Maletic Mar 5 '10 at 19:14
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    I second this! And 99,99% of their documentation also sucks. It is like trying to learn brain surgery from a book written in archaic hebrew without knowing that language. – SpaceDog Aug 16 '10 at 23:35
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    I very much wish I could up vote this many many more times. Cracking answer and I cannot believe I've gone this long not knowing about this! – mattjgalloway Apr 4 '12 at 8:56
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    @JimThio cancelButton is not red. The destructiveButton is red. – Armin Jul 30 '13 at 4:02
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    Sadly, this solution suffers from a bug in UIActionSheet that [UIActionSheet addButtonWithTitle] does not seem to correctly set firstOtherButtonIndex (which should be used in the delegate's actionSheet:clickedButtonAtIndex: rather than hardcoding 0 or similar stuff). Getting nasty with converting an NSArray to va_list doesn't sound like a great solution either. :-( This API is so damn ugly. – Daniel Rinser Aug 29 '13 at 12:36

One little note: [actionSheet addButtonWithTitle:] returns the index of that button, so to be safe and "clean" you can do this:

actionSheet.cancelButtonIndex = [actionSheet addButtonWithTitle:@"Cancel"];
  • Will that turn the cancel button red? – user4951 Mar 18 '13 at 7:06
  • 1
    @JimThio No, red button is called "destructiveButton", and there's a respective property destructiveButtonIndex for it – Nick Mar 20 '13 at 20:46

Taking Jaba's and Nick's answers and extending them a little further. To incorporate a destruction button into this solution:

// Create action sheet
UIActionSheet *actionSheet = [[UIActionSheet alloc] initWithTitle:title
// Action Buttons
for (NSString *actionName in actionNames){
    [actionSheet addButtonWithTitle: actionName];

// Destruction Button
if (destructiveName.length > 0){
    [actionSheet setDestructiveButtonIndex:[actionSheet addButtonWithTitle: destructiveName]];

// Cancel Button
[actionSheet setCancelButtonIndex: [actionSheet addButtonWithTitle:@"Cancel"]];

// Present Action Sheet
[actionSheet showInView: self.view];

There is the swift version for the response :

//array with button titles
private var values = ["Value 1", "Value 2", "Value 3"]

//create action sheet
let actionSheet = UIActionSheet(title: nil, delegate: self, cancelButtonTitle: nil, destructiveButtonTitle: nil)
//for each value in array
for value in values{
    //add a button
    actionSheet.addButtonWithTitle(value as String)
//display action sheet

To get value selected, add delegate to your ViewController :

class MyViewController: UIViewController, UIActionSheetDelegate

And implement the method "clickedButtonAtIndex"

func actionSheet(actionSheet: UIActionSheet, clickedButtonAtIndex buttonIndex: Int) {
    let selectedValue : String = values[buttonIndex]

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