I have 376140 PDF files in one folder. I want to move them to sub folders by their name. Since every PDF file is named SNxxxxxx (from SN000001 and onward). I want every 100.000 to be in a sub folder and 10.000 to be a sub folder within that sub folder. End result should be:


It's more logical to sort not from 00001 to 10000, from 10001 to 20000 and so on, but from 00000 to 09999, from 10000 to 19999 etc.

And it's much easyer to code:

for /L %%i in (0,1,9) do (
  for /L %%j in (0,1,9) do (
    if exist SN%%i%%j*.pdf (
      echo md "D:\Doc\SN%%i00000-SN%%i99999\SN%%i%%j0000-SN%%i%%j9999"
      echo move "SN%%i%%j????.pdf" "D:\Doc\SN%%i00000-SN%%i99999\SN%%i%%j0000-SN%%i%%j9999\"

Remove the echos when the output seems ok.

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