have a website that is obviously in the root of my server. I am now making a web app, which lies in m/iphone/. All was going well but my website uses scandir() with all of the files in a folder on the root of my server.

How can I access these files from when I'm inside the m/iphone directory?

Sorry if it's a really obvious answer, I'm a complete beginner.

Thanks in advance for any help


You have to use .. which stands for back in terms of folders, in your case you should run something like this:


You should play with .. in path name:

scandir(dirname(__FILE__).'../anotherfolder'); //go back one folder and go to folder 'anotherfolder'

Hope it helps.

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  • For some reason I had to change this to scandir(dirname(FILE).'/../anotherfolder'); – Arrowcatch Mar 5 at 18:59

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