I am using the Compression Middleware with Express 4. I just tested the Google PageSpeed Insight tool on my web app and it told me that I should enable the compression.

I was using:

var compress = require('compression')();

I got an error when trying to pass arguments:

app.use(compress({ threshold: 0 }));

    var accept = req.headers['accept-encoding']
TypeError: Cannot read property 'accept-encoding' of undefined

Am I missing something that are causing these errors?


Just remove the () when defining compress:

var compress = require('compression');

Use it like so:



app.use(compress({ threshold: 0 }));

Like this, you shouldn't get any error.

As for me, I don't get to have it compressed in the Browser anyway. I don't see 'Content-Encoding' in my response header and PageSpeed still advise me to compress the content.

  • You are right, we don't get any error this way but still not compress anything... – Ludo May 26 '14 at 14:52

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