I have sbt 0.13.2 with a Scala project in IntelliJ 13.0.2.

I just want to change my default ../.ivy2/cache path.

I tried to change following entry in ../bin/sbt file in SBT installation


But no luck.

enter image description here

Even in the IDE I couldn't find the place to update SBT_HOME

What would be the solution?

enter image description here


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First of all you have two SBT plugins. The version of Scala plugin you're using already supports SBT, and you don't need an extra plugin. I recommend that you start by removing the extra plugin.

Two Plugins

Remove unofficial plugin

To remove the unofficial plugin go to plugins configuration and remove the check next to the SBT plugin. This will not remove the plugin completely, but will keep it disabled.

Disable Plugin

Change the cache location

Once you have only single plugin, you can modify the location of the cache, by going to options, and searching for sbt. You should find an entry in IDE Settings.

IDE Settings

You should see the VM Parameters. Click the icon next to the input, and add -Dsbt.ivy.home=D:/IvyHome/.ivy in the last line.

Modify Settings

Click OK and restart the IDE after saving all settings.

Now you should be using the new home location (of course this is true only for the builds run from IDE, if you use SBT from console, it will still use an old home setting).

Change the cache location for SBT ran from Console

As pointed out in the paragraph above. This change will not effect SBT ran from console. This is because by default IntelliJ uses bundled SBT.

If you want to modify your Ivy home for sbt, which you run from console, you have several ways of doing that.

I think the simplest is to modify the sbtconfig.txt file in the SBT_HOME/conf/sbtconfig.txt (Windows only - on Linux you'd have to modify sbtopts).

At the end of the file add -Dsbt.ivy.home=D:/IvyHome/.ivy.

The other way would be to modify Launcher Configuration as described in the documentation

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    Thanks for your reply. I did what you suggest. Then after check the Project structure>>Library still I see the path default user profile path (attached screenshot in the question). Then I removed existing jars there and deleted the .ivy folder under user profile and ran sbt gen-idea. Same results though
    – Shabar
    May 27, 2014 at 10:27
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    Have you removed the unofficial plugin? You don't have to run sbt gen-idea, just open the project normally from IntelliJ. If you want to use sbt from console, you have to configure ivy home for the console installation, for example as it is stated here. If you really want to use unofficial plugin, try adding the setting I've described to the VM Paramters visible on your screenshot.
    – lpiepiora
    May 27, 2014 at 10:35
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    I went to the project folder and ran sbt gen-idea. The reason I ran that was, because I manually deleted .vy2 folder in default user profile path. After run that command I observed those jars downloaded to the same location despite of location change in VM Parameters. BTW why do you say no need of running that command?
    – Shabar
    May 27, 2014 at 12:05
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    Do what I have stated in the edited chapter Change the cache location for SBT ran from Console, and then delete .idea, .idea_modules from your project. Regenerate it with sbt gen-idea, and open your project, you should see SBT using new locations.
    – lpiepiora
    May 27, 2014 at 20:11
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    You should not be needing to create any folders. SBT will create them for you. Start with a simple project and test it there. Make sure you're changing it for the right sbt. In your console type where sbt, the conf must be in the same installation. The .ivy2 under the home is the default location, so it seams the settings are not picked up by SBT.
    – lpiepiora
    May 28, 2014 at 18:58

I had the same issue with IntelliJ IDEA 14 Build 139.463.4 (Play Framework 2.2.5 project).

I followed the steps below but it did not work for me. I finally fixed the issue by adding to the VM Parameters of the SBT Runner : -Duser.home=D:/Users/myName/ .

The variable user.home is used by the SBT Launcher to build ivy-home variable.


The answer suggesting changing IDE settings essentially changed the file .idea/sbt.xml (if you made changes for the project), or C:\Users\***\.IdeaIC14\config\options\project.default.xml (if you made changes for the IDE default regardless which project).

Therefore, you may consider putting this file in source control if you need to change it frequently. (In my case I had to switch between the Spark 1.4 and Spark 1.5 libraries, making this worthwhile.)

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