I am trying to solve a simple least square of type Ax = b. The c++ eigen library offers several functionalities regarding this and I have seen some kind of solutions here: Solving system Ax=b in linear least squares fashion with complex elements and lower-triangular square A matrix and here: Least Squares Solution of Linear Algerbraic Equation Ax = By in Eigen C++ What I want to do is that using dynamic version of the matrix A and b. The elements of matrix A are floating points in my case and has 3 columns, but the number of data items (i.e. rows) will be dynamic (inside a loop). It will be helpful to have a short code snippet of basic declaration of A, b and filling out values.


You can take a look here to get started with Eigen:


I've written an easy tutorial on how solve linear system using PCG, so that's not exactly your case, but the source code provided should help you to get into Eigen's library (you're asking how to declare matrices and vectors, so this should be fine). If you need dynamic matrices/vectors, just use:

MatrixXd m1(5,7); // double
VectorXd v1(23);  // double

MatrixXf m2(3,5); // floating
VectorXf v2(12);  // floating

Those variables will all be saved in heap.

If you need square matrices or vectors with fixed size (but be careful, they aren't dynamic!) use the following syntax:

Matrix3d m3; // double, size 3x3
Vector3d v3; // double, size 1x3

Matrix4d m4; // double, size 4x4
Vector4d v4; // double, size 1x4

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