I am trying to require login on all pages on my Rails 4 web site. In the ApplicationController I have added before_action :authenticate_user!, but it simply doesn't do anything. I have tried to add the same before_action :authenticate_user! to another controller, and it works fine.

Do I need to do something else to the ApplicationController, to make the login be required on all actions (Except signup/signin)?

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    That should be fine so long as your other controllers actually do inherit from ApplicationController...
    – pdobb
    May 25, 2014 at 14:08

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Here's the actual code we use:

Class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
   before_action :authenticate_user! #-> routes to the login / signup if not authenticated

The problem you probably have is two-fold:


Make sure your other controllers are inheriting from application_controller:

Class OtherController < ApplicationController 


You're somehow "skipping" the before_action callback

If you're using skip_before_action anywhere, you need to remove it. It will likely cause a problem with your authenticate_user! method. To fix this, I would firstly test without any skip_before_action callbacks, and then see what gets it working correctly

A further note - signin / signup won't matter. They all inherit from the Devise controllers; they'll just run as required.

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    I just found out that I was using ActionController::Base instead of just inheriting from ApplicationController. I went back to write an answer, but you came before me :)
    – Dofs
    May 25, 2014 at 14:35
  • lol well thanks for the upvote & acceptance! Is it working now? May 25, 2014 at 14:36


In your routes.rb file you may have mentioned only authenticated_user path like below

authenticated :user do
    root to: 'home#index', as: :root_app

You should mention unauthenticated_user path too to make it work or just root path without unauthenticated_user or authenticated_user

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