I am having trouble to hide one option in recurrence editor in a standardized way. I have tried to hide it by custom code but it sometimes creates not predictable behaviour.

This is what I am trying to hide:

enter image description here


I just got a response from Telerik's support, which I pay for. Splice the dropdown's data and re-set it:

edit: function (e) {
    // remove Yearly" from re-occurence dropdown
    var ddl = $('input[title="Recurrence editor"]').data('kendoDropDownList');
    if (ddl) {
      var data = ddl.dataSource.data();
      data = data.slice(0, 4);

Working Dojo.


You need to handle the edit event of the scheduler and hide that option via jQuery:

function scheduler_edit(e) {
  // find the recurring dropdownlist 
  var dropdown = e.container.find("[data-role=dropdownlist]").data("kendoDropDownList");

  // handle its change event
  dropdown.unbind("change", hide_never);
  dropdown.bind("change", hide_never);

function hide_never() {
  // hide the <li> element that contains the "Never" radio option
  • I had added other dropdowns in my custom editor template so the above code did not find the recurrence editor dropdown. Instead I needed to use e.container.find("[data-role=recurrenceeditor]") – sonyisda1 Feb 23 '17 at 20:11

You also could make this:

in the edit event of the widget:

  var recurrenceEditor = e.container.find("[data-role=recurrenceeditor]").data("kendoRecurrenceEditor");     

            //set start option value, used to define the week 'Repeat on' selected checkboxes
                start: new Date(e.event.start),
                change: function (e) { onRecurrenceEditor_Change(e,this); }

and then:

 function onRecurrenceEditor_Change(e, obj) {
        var buttonNever = obj._buttonNever;

        if (buttonNever) {

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