I want to split the values selected from couch db in gwt according to a particular id. I tried to use the String tokenizer but couldn't found something useful. the result returned from couch db is in the following format:


I just want to get the values and set them in textboxes.

how to do it?


try this ...

 Session studentDbSession = new Session("localhost",5984);

           Database studentCouchDb = studentDbSession.getDatabase("student");


           Document d = studentCouchDb.getDocument(input);
               fname=d.getString("FirstName");//fname is variable

               lname=d.getString("LastName");//lname is variable

               add= d.getString("Address");//add name is variable

finally concatenate all strings and return to client...

       all=fname+" "+lname+" "+add;
       return all;

This looks like JSON. You can parse it using JSONObject:

JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(yourString);
String course = obj.getString("course");

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