In Gitlab there is an RSS news feed button for every project.


Is there a way to retrieve a global RSS feed for all projects related to one user?

Or even better, if there is a way to capture all user's feeds across all projects, that would be cool.



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This is currently not supported.

The closest feature request there is would be "Team-/groupwide RSS feeds", to have RSS feeds for all events in a team or a group. (not enough vote for now).

The global "RSS" shown on demo.gitlab.com is actually a html result of the event-items representing the activity in response to http://demo.gitlab.com/?limit=20&offset=0:

That would be for all public projects, but I don't see it exposed as an RSS feed.

The OP mauro reports in the comments

the global "RSS" shown in demo.gitlab.com is also showing on my gitlab dashboard, the only thing is that mine is giving a 500 error instead.


You can also try this even if it not about the releases, you can keep tracks on Gitlab projects with:


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