In Sonar, we just download the sonar setup and if need, change the db credentials and run the command on maven project sonar:sonar, our coding stats and bugs are are analyzed by sonar and make the good html reports. But for this we need to run sonar:sonar command. Like findbugs, its possible to integrate with maven and create reports and time of maven:install .In this LINK at 4th step explain. Is also possible with sonar for make the report on maven:install command?


Like you can see on the SonarQube documentation, we strongly advise you to first run mvn clean install and then mvn sonar:sonar separately - otherwise you can have some side effects.

However, if you want to have all this in a single run, this is a Maven-related question. You just have to bind the "sonar" goal to the "install" phase in your POM, with something like:


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