I am trying to insert a datetime from a C# program textbox to a MySQL database. Every time I run the program in Visual Studio, I get the error:

"Fatal error encountered during command execution."

I tried running the query in MySQL to get a more specific response and received a warning 1264 out of range value error. The date appears to be in the proper format and I am converting to datetime before it is sent to MySQL. I have also checked my database column data type which is set to datetime. Why would I still be receiving this error?

string sqlInsertBackup = "insert into backups (tape_num, bup_type, bup_date, bup_release, completed, date_created, date_modified) values (@tape_num, @backupType, @startDate, @releaseDate, 0, now(), now())";
MySqlCommand cmdInsertBackup = new MySqlCommand(sqlInsertBackup, idb.myconn);
cmdInsertBackup.Parameters.AddWithValue("@tapeNum", tapeNum);
cmdInsertBackup.Parameters.AddWithValue("@backupType", backupType);
cmdInsertBackup.Parameters.AddWithValue("@startDate", System.Convert.ToDateTime(startDate));
cmdInsertBackup.Parameters.AddWithValue("@releaseDate", System.Convert.ToDateTime(releaseDate));

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Your first parameter is named @tape_num not @tapeNum, so it hasn't been given a value.

  • Truly a 'herp derp' moment on my part. Thank you! – user3108296 May 27 '14 at 16:48