I have the below JSON file that I can't edit but the array positions regularly change although the name ("operator_name":"Op Red", "operator_name":"Op Blue" etc.) stays the same.

How can I get the buy_price of 600 for the "operator_name":"Op Blue" knowing that it will move from position [1] to another position randomly.?

The JSON file:

[{"operator_name":"Op Red","machine_name":"Mac Red":{"latitude":52.5,"longitude":53.99,},"buy_limit":10000,"buy_price":500},
{"operator_name":"Op Blue","machine_name":"Mac Blue":{"latitude":48.5,"longitude":47.99,},"buy_limit":10000,"buy_price":600},
{"operator_name":"Op Green","machine_name":"Mac Green":{"latitude":49.5,"longitude":55.99,},"buy_limit":10000,"buy_price":550}]

This is what I have so far but it gives me the wrong buy_price whenever the JSON file is changed (the position changes but the labels stay the same).

$json = file_get_contents('https://example.com/long.json');
$jsonDecoded  = json_decode($json);
$bluePrice = $jsonDecoded[1]->{'buy_price'};

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