there is a command line to get package name:-

adb shell pm list packages 

But how to get the list of all applications on the device


Previously the command for listing installed packages used to be pm list packages. But as of Android nougat, the command has been removed. The new command to do the same is cmd package list packages.

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    The command has been deprecated, not removed. Currently, it executes the new command in the background. – TheWanderer Jul 22 '19 at 5:23

Your question already contains the answer in itself: Running a terminal, you enter the shell. So simply omit that part (adb shell) from your command, and run the pm command directly:

pm list packages

should produce the very same output. pm isn't part of ADB (or the adb shell) command, but rather an executable shipping with Android: The package manager. So you can use its full potential:

pm list packages [options] 
   -f: See their associated file.
   -d: Filter to only show disabled packages.
   -e: Filter to only show enabled packages.
   -s: Filter to only show system packages.
   -3: Filter to only show third party packages.
   -i: See the installer for the packages.
   -u: Also include uninstalled packages.
   --user : The user space to query.


  • very helpful ! used show system and enabled, worked for me. – Red M Sep 22 '16 at 16:29

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