I'm looking to generate documentation for a custom JSF 2 composite component library. The composite components are not referenced in any faces-config.xml file, but rather the .xhtml files for the composite components are stored in META-INF/resources and use the new composite:interface tag to define the interface.

For JSP tag libraries, documentation can be generated using https://taglibrarydoc.dev.java.net/ and I'm wondering if there is something similar for my JSF 2 composite component library.


You can use OmniFaces Vdldoc to generate documentation from your <cc:interface> tags (or the documentation in taglib.xml files).

Say your composite components reside in the /META-INF/resources/myLib folder. You would then need a myLib.taglib.xml-file in the META-INF folder like this:

    <description>Your description</description>

(For a more complete example, have a look at this question)

You can now use Vdldoc to generate your documentation:

java -jar vdldoc-2.1.jar myLib.taglib.xml

Update: If your project uses maven there is now vdldoc-maven-plugin to easily integrate it into your build. Basically just add it to the <reporting>-section of your pom.xml:


And run mvn site to generate the documentation. See the plugin's homepage for more details.


rich-faces component development kit provides documentation annotations http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFacesCDKannotations


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    That's not really applicable for JSF 2 composite components though. – digitaljoel Feb 24 '11 at 16:29

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