Using the code examples given by Microsoft:


I have enabled translation in my SQL Server 2008 database. When the input string is relatively simple, without accented characters, translation works fine.

Example call (through Management Studio):

SELECT [dbo].[udfCallTranslator] ('Hej','sv','en')



The problem lies when there are special accented characters in the input:

SELECT [dbo].[udfCallTranslator] ('Biogasanläggningar','sv','en')



It should return:

Biogas plants

If I give the input to Microsoft's web site (https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/bing/microsofttranslator) it translates it correctly.

If i call the underlying dll function through a let's say Windows Form application, it also translates it correctly.

So, my guess is that something isn't passed correctly from Management Studio to the underlying function.

I tried changing the editor's font to Arial Unicode MS, but nothing changed.

Any other insight on what could be wrong?

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This should help.

SQL Server multi language data support

Have you made sure its in NVARCHAR as well as preceded all passed unicode strings with N?

SELECT [dbo].[udfCallTranslator] (N'Biogasanläggningar','sv','en')

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