Im using this code to add background music to my game levels

[self runAction:[SKAction playSoundFileNamed:@"dasdas.mp3" waitForCompletion:NO]];

I want it to stop when Game Over happens. Is there a way to cancel/stop the SKAction, lower volume, anything to stop it?

I know Im suppose to use this code

Instead of:

[node runAction:action withKey:@"BackgroundMusicAction"]

Then stop it by calling the SKNode's method:

- (void)removeActionForKey:(NSString *)key;

with a key you used for creating the action.

but how do I create a key for the first code, playsoundfilenamed and what do I type on the NSString or how do I connect them, Im a NOOB, help please


You have the answer in the question itself.

First, you need to assign a key

[self runAction:[SKAction playSoundFileNamed:@"dasdas.mp3"
        withKey: @"BackgroundMusicAction"];

Now, you are running an action with the key BackgroundMusicAction

In order to stop this action, you will call

[self removeActionForKey:@"BackgroundMusicAction"];
  • the music still plays, is it because im calling the stop action under my -(void)game over? – user3653566 May 28 '14 at 18:44

You can choose whatever you put as the key, as long as you use the same for run and remove:

SKAction *action = [SKAction playSoundFileNamed:@"dasdas.mp3"
[node runAction:action

Later :

[node removeActionForKey:@"MyGameBackgroundMusicAction"];
  • I get this message "use of undeclared identifier node" – user3653566 May 28 '14 at 18:52
  • In the code above, you call methods on a node object. The code you put in your question suggests you might want to use self instead here. Note that you must call runAction and removeAction on the same object. – rdurand May 30 '14 at 7:47

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